TTX-003 Transceiver

Tone Transmitter

The TTX-003 includes a high output precision tone generator capable of generating tones that can be used to positively identify tone through wet pulp cable. Voltages Tip to Ring, Tip to Ground, and Ring to Ground are continuously monitored during transmission to alert the user. On detection of a pair status change the LCD updates and changes tone frequency to alert the far end user a change in pair status has occurred.

From the idle screen press "SEND". There are two display methods when selecting SMPLX (simplex tone), 1T and 3T.

Simplex 3T measures tone level being transmitted Tip to Ground and Ring to Ground. When sending Simplex Tone a weak voltage is applied across Tip to Ring to allow detection of a short on a vacant pair.

When the pair is shorted the TR window highlights and the tone frequency changes for identification at the far end.

TriPlex mode AC voltage is displayed and is the sum of the voltage Tip and Ring to ground. Using this mode virtually eliminates bleed over on adjacent pairs.