TTS-003 TriTone Transmitter

In addition to being a Tone Transmitter the TTS-003 provides useful information about the tone levels being sent and the line condition. Using either SMPLX 3T or TriPlex allows the technician to confirm both Tip and Ring continuity.

This screen is shown when the user selects "SMPLX 1T". A weak low voltage is applied across the Tip and Ring to aid in determining line condition if the pair is vacant or has a resistive fault. Any line voltage present overrides the weak applied voltage to show actual voltage present.

Sending Tone in "SMPLX 3T" adds additional information about the pair. Similar to the SMPLX 1T the Tip to Ring voltage is displayed. TG and RG boxes displays the amount of Tone being sent.

If a short is detected on the pair the TR box reverses video and the transmitted tone frequency changes to allow confirmation when using a tone probe at a remote location.

TriPlex Tone is used when Simplex bleeds over to multiple pairs. TriPlex tone virtually eliminates cross coupling of tones to adjacent pairs, making it the tone of choice when toning through wet pulp or poor bonding situations.

Using an optional "Pair Access" cord provides quick access to Tip and Ring, and prevents any accidental shorting of the pair.