TriTone - Tone Generator

The TriTone Tone Generator provides locating tone for cables and cable pairs


The TriTone Tone Generator features:

  • 577 Hz and 987 Hz tone frequencies
  • Three tone patterns to allow using multiple TriTone Generators in the same cable
  • Tone pattern changes when short condition is detected.
  • Simplex, TriPlex, and Metallic modes
  • Three user selectable tone amplitudes
  • Easy to replace AA batteries
  • OptionalCommBat talk battery source
  • Vacant Pair Check
  • Carry bag for TriTone, Cords, and Optional CommBat

Tone Frequencies

577Hz :The TriTone Tone Generator offers the standard 577Hz tone typically used for identifing cable pairs on inside wire or outside plant. This tone is compatible with standard filtered and non-filtered tone amplifiers.

987 Hz :The TriTone Tone Generator also provides 987 Hz tone. This higher frequency tone is compatible with all 987 Hz amplifier probes. Probes tuned to 987 Hz are more immune to 60 Hz noise making toning operations more efficient.

Tone Patterns

Three user selectable tone patterns are provided with the TriTone Generator to allow toning multiple pairs in the same cable. This can be very beneficial in a cable restoration situation.

Tone Modes


Tone modes include Simplex, TriPlex, and Metallic. Simplex and TriPlex tones send tone between the Tip and Ground and the Ring and Ground. A ground cord must be connected to hear these tones.

TriPlex tone also sends tone Tip to Ring in addition to Tip to Ground and Ring to Ground. This tone mode resists coupling to adjacent pairs and provides tone when one side is open or the ground is defective.

The Metallic tone send tone between the Tip and Ring. This mode does not need to have a ground connected. This is useful when a the ground is poor or not available.

Tone can also be sent on Tip to Ground or Ring to Ground using any of the three modes.


The TriTone provides three tone lvels. The Normal tone level should be used in most cases. Higher tone levels can be used when there is interference, long lines, or when identifying cables.

Pair Check

The TriTone pair check us used to determine if a pair is suitable for use as a talk pair. The pair check detects battery and shorts on the pair being tested.