The Snoopy Solution

ST-101 Transmitter / SR-101 Receiver

The Snoopy System is an alternative solution to burning pairs for high resistance aerial fault location such as shorts, crosses, and grounds. The Snoopy Transmitter can be safely used on copper pairs without fear of cable damage.

Major components of the Snoopy system include:

  • ST-101 high power tone generator
  • SR-101 multipurpose filtered receiver
  • DHC-124 Hand Coil for pinpoint fault location
  • DAP-125 to identify presence of DSL
  • DHC-124V optional pole mounted pick-up coil

The ST-101 offers an “Auto-Set” feature taking the guess work out of setting proper frequency and output levels. Connect the cable to the faulted pair, press “Auto-Set” and let the Snoopy Transmitter scan for optimum settings. Upon completion it prompts the user with setting information for the SR-101.

The Snoopy Receiver SR-101 works in conjunction with the ST-101 Transmitter. This highly sensitive receiver can sniff out very small signals common with high fault resistances, and provides a graphical presentation of signal levels along the cable path.

The SR-101 frequency list includes those used by various fault location transmitters such as the Tone Ranger®, and is directly compatible with a variety of aerial layup sticks presently deployed for fault location.