BlueTalk - Talk Talk Talk

BlueTalk is an interface device between a Bluetooth headset and a cable pair. It provides two way full duplex voice communications without the need for conventional talk battery when used at each end of the cable. It can also be used with a conventional headset or Buttset; however an external talk battery source, such as a CommBat or D105, is required to power the other device.

BlueTalk includes a built in tone generator to facilitate wire location at the far end, and can pair with many Bluetooth headsets. BlueTalk is powered by an internal Li-ion battery with talk times in excess of 24 hours.


BlueTalk Package consists of the following:

  • Bluetooth to Wireline Adapter
  • Pair Cord with bed-of-nails popper clips
  • Over the Ear Bluetooth headset
  • AC charger
  • USB charge cord for Bluetooth Headset
  • Carry pouch for headset
  • Carry bag for the above components