ATV-25 & ATV-R/T Tagger System

ATV-25 and ATV R/T
Automatic Pair Tagging System

with Remote Tone Sending features


The ATV-25 and ATV R/T enable the user to automatically tag (identify) up to 100 cable pairs at a time.

The ATV-25 is the field unit and controls all the features of the ATV R/T. The ATV R/T allows testing of any or all of the four 25 pair modules saving test time by targeting specific pairs.

Tagging includes measurement of AC and DC potentials at the near and far ends of the pair under test and matching values. This helps reduce false positives due to tone coupling. The ATV-25 Field Unit can also request the ATV R/T to send tone, including TriPlex, on any of the 100 connected pairs. The tone signal has adequate amplitude to be easily located at the field site with a standard probe.

The ATV R/T can be placed in the central office, cross connect, or any location where pair identity is known. An optional DC power pack is available for use when AC power is not available.

Automatic Pair Identification/Tagging

The ATV-25 also provides pair tagging capabilities either in end-to-end or half-tap cable configurations. Pair tagging is used to identify cable pairs by comparing electrical measurements and a identification tone for one of up to 100 cable pairs. This feature is faster and more accurate than manual tone probe procedures. Click here to view a presentation on Pair Identification/Tagging.

The diagram below shows a typical 100 pair tagging connection using and ATV-25 and ATV R/T . One to four tap shoes are used to connect the ATV R/T to a cross-connect, central office frame, or modular splices. The tap shoes are moved to the next 100 pair group after tagging is completed for the first group.