ATV 25 - User Info

ATV-25 User Guide

Complete guide to all features of the ATV-25 with Screen shots for various functions.

Basic Metering

Training Guide: Voltmeter, Ohms, Capacitance Measurements

Sending Tone

Training Guide: Simplex, Metallic, Ring, Tip, and TriPlex


Training Guide: System settings of Date, Time, Display, and AutoTest Criteria

Automatic Testing

Training Guide: Selecting Test to perform and Test Parameters

Manual Testing

Extended pair test including Load , Noise, and Number Retrieval


Automated Testing of 25 pairs using ATV-25 at each end

Call Functions

Training Guide: Monitoring line signals for DSL, Talk Pair Setup

ATV-25 + ATV-R/T

Tagging and identifying pairs using the ATV-R/T

PC Interface

Connecting the ATV-25 for Test Result Uploads to a PC via USB

Firmware Update

Updating firmware via USB