ATV 25 - Bulk Pair Testing & Verification


The ATV-25 is an advanced bulk pair testing system designed for the construction and maintenance of copper outside plant pairs.

The system provides DC testing, AC testing, special circuit identification, automatic number retrieval, load coil detection, reference pair comparison, automatic pair identification, and more.

Automatic Pair Identification/Tagging

The ATV-25 provides automatic pair identification capabilities either in end-to-end or half-tap cable configurations. Pair tagging is used to identify cable pairs by comparing electrical measurements and an identification tone for one of up to 100 cable pairs. This feature is faster and more accurate than manual tone probe procedures. Click here to view a presentation on Pair Identification/Tagging. Click here for additional tagging options.

Testing and Electronic Data Records

The ATV-25 provides the essential features for testing new construction and verifying existing services. Testing can be accomplished twenty-five pairs or a single pair at a time. Electronic test data records ensure that results are reported without transcribing errors or the need for manual record sheets.

Accurate test results help verify construction orders, CO data records, contractor performance, and more. Dispatching is aided with the availability of complete electrical test results. Testing includes working circuit identification and assigned number retrieval.

Optimized Testing

The ATV-25 automated testing includes standard tests for working and vacant pairs. Users can further optimize testing by configuring tests for only those measurements needed to decrease test time and target specific performance criteria.

Pass/Fail criteria can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the plant. Reference pair length can be measured from a cable pair or entered from the keyboard.

The Rapid Scan test compares pairs to the reference and flags pairs that exceed the specified length tolerance. This identifies bridge-tap, open splices, splits and crosses.

ATV-25 PC Utility Software

The ATV-25 PC Utility allows users to upload test data to a PC and download firmware updates or other configuration and setup information. The included PC Utility Software makes it convenient to load multiple ATV- 25 units with standard configuration information to ensure consistent test results. Electronic test data can be exported as industry standard XML files. This capability allows the data to be processed by databases, spreadsheets, and other software that support this format.