ADMpc - Capture Data

The ADMpc is our newest offering in Analog Data Monitoring. The ADMpc replaces the MLT2400A Modem Line Tap. The ADMpc has the advanced testing capabilities including timing, DTMF decoding, Voltmeter, and signal trace for monitoring the connection sequence.


  • Debug Application Programs
  • Validate Telephone Line Connections
  • Measure Signal Levels
  • Check Timing of Data Flow
  • View Connect Sequence Events
  • Identify Noisy Environments
  • Decode Telephone Numbers
  • Expanded Analysis with USB Interface to AALogic Viewpc, Windows Software.

Data Monitoring

The ADMpc captures and displays:

  • Bell 103, ITU 300, ITU v.21, ITU v.22, and ITU v.22bis
  • Asynchronous
  • Synchronous (HDLC)

USB 2.0 PC Interface

Our new PC interface is USB 2.0. USB has become the dominant peripheral interface on today's computers and many customers have requested a USB interface. The USB interface connects the ADMpc to a PC for data monitoring, control, and firmware updates.

Audio Output

We have added a new audio output jack. This allows recording of line activity and later played back for additional analysis. The ideal recording is a digital WAV or MP3 file by connecting the audio output to the microphone input of a PC and recording the session.

AALogic Viewpc

Our new PC software package, developed especially for the ADMpc provides comprehensive support for the new capabilities and features of the ADMpc.

Field Upgradeable

The programming for the ADMpc resides in flash memory. Upgrades and optional programs modules can be loaded to the ADMpc from a PC through the USB Port.

DTMF Decoding

The new DTMF decoding feature allows users to quickly verify dialed DTMF sequences to eliminate possible dialing errors. Standard DTMF tones are decoded by the ADMpc.