D105 TDR Step & Pulse

The D105 offers three preset ranges. The first range uses STEP TDR method, and the second and third ranges use PULSE. Regardless of range selection the D105 optimizes pulse width and gain settings for simplicity. These settings can be easily modified when needed to highlight a fault.

The STEP TDR operates from approximately 50 to 1000 feet. VOP settings can be changed using the CFG button to select various table settings, or enter a custom value .

To the left of the screen the letter "A" indicates gain setting. Pressing F2 allows manual gain changes.

The Pulse Mode indicates "A" for gain and "P" for pulse width. The F2 button allows changing the display from cursor movement to setting gain and pulse width.

TDR range 0-8KFt incorporates a zoom function. In zoom mode the SCAN button is used to advance the range in increments to cover the entire range in 2000 foot segments.

The image to the left shows the cursor placed on a high impedance point at 3100 feet. This could be an open or presence of a load coil.