D105 Scan Functions

SCAN function can preform a scan for Load Coils, a scan for balance testing at high frequencies, or plot energy levels at various frequencies to determine presence of DSL signals.

Load Coil scan determines if the pair is loaded, and indicates the number of loads. Once a load has been identified the TDR can be used to locate the first load.

Note: The D105 requires at least 500FT of cable before the first load, and after the last load to accurately determine load count.

The extended balance scan measures pair imbalance beyond the typical audio frequencies. This is useful in identifying impairments caused by series splice resistances and imbalance due to partial bridge taps.

The D105 divides the scan frequency spectrum into 3 segments to obtain a high resolution for DMT bin display.

The screen shot shows a T1 circuit transmitting all 1's. The cursor indicates the center frequency of the signal. This function can also be used to determine if high frequency noise exists on a vacant pair before attempting to provision for DSL.