D105 Basic Meter

Idle Screen F1, F2, and F3 selects basic manual testing. The top left indicates battery charge status, and center position displays firmware revision.

Voltmeter selection continually measures voltage TR, RG, and TG sequentially until stopped by the user.

In Ohms mode the D105 first measures voltage to ensure an Ohms reading is valid. If no voltage is found the three terminal resistance is displayed. Any voltage present alerts the user by displaying voltage value in reverse video.

Press F3 for Capacitance, then F1 for Length. The display will show length in Analog and digital format. Pressing F2 will change the display to AUTO-KICK as shown below.

From Main Idle Screen press F3, then F2. The display will show the percent of Balance between the Ring and Tip conductors. The analog display provides an rapid way to display pair balance at a glance. The Digital length can be found on the lower screen segments. Pressing F2 will display TR length as shown above.