Allied Analogic, Inc. (AALogic) engineers and manufactures unique electronic test equipment, tools, controls, and devices. Our mission is to supply a world-wide market with forward-looking products that benefit our customers by reducing labor costs, increasing their productivity, and enhancing their profits.


AALogic re-enters the Telephone Test Equipment market in 2007 with the introduction of the ATV-25 Construction Test System. The product focuses on modular testing and pair tagging for copper OSP (outside plant).

The ATV-25 uses current technology to provide a compact modular test system capable of testing new construction and working pairs. The unit includes pair tagging and a USB interface for uploading test results to a PC.

The ATV R/T expands the ATV product line adding automatic pair identification and remote tone capabilities. The ATV-25 and ATV R/T provides a comprehensive test system for daily use.

AALogic staff's previous engineering and development experience in the telephone test equipment includes the CAS 2000, DaVaR system, TM-109, T-BUG, TM-105, and other products now marketed by Tempo and Fluke.