Unique Products for Telecommunications Industry

D-105 Test Tone Talk


The AALogic D-105 is a totally new design for construction, restoration, and repair applications.

In addition to providing much needed features for Cable Transfers and Restoration, the AALogic D-105 offers a variety of tests to locate trouble and help qualify pairs for DSL provisioning.

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BlueTalk Wireless

BlueTalk is an alternative to a wired headset, or butt set, when communicating over a wired copper pair. Operating at ranges up to 30 feet it provides a lightweight solution without restriction to cord length. Additionally, BlueTalk can furnish metallic tone to help locate the proper pair at the far end.

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TriTone Tone Tracing


The TriTone Tone Generator provides locating tone for cables and cable pairs.

Three user selectable tone patterns are provided with the TriTone Generator to allow toning multiple pairs in the same cable. This can be very beneficial in a cable restoration situation.

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